Remember your dreams are as hungry as your demons. Make sure you are feeding the right one.

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Tidewater provides a structured living environment, which promotes a safe path of healing and recovery through accountability, connection, personal experience, and support. Highly individualized plans are utilized to help each resident achieve success in sobriety, while maintaining character and integrity.


The ripple effect 

Our logo represents the idea that a single person, one single drop of water, can have a much larger effect on a community and beyond. The ripple effect casts outward to help heal others and the impact it has on a community can be limitless. The community, or body of water, ripples and rebounds, signifying a connection and strength in numbers. Being part of the ocean, being part of a movement, a family, you're drilled into the depths of your lifetime lows. But when the droplet surfaces, the impact it has resonates and rebounds to create tighter connections and strength in numbers.